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Renar Wheeler - Owner - Sales and Marketing
Renar is owner of Battlefield Live SA, she has a background in sales and marketing as well as corporate event management having been involved in the tourism and hospitality industry. Working for the Two Oceans Aquarium initially as a Marine mammal trainer in the late 90’s, training 4 cape fur seals and looking after 12 penguins and later as the Tourism and Hospitality Sales Co-ordinator. She also studied the IMM Retail Marketing Management Course and she is also a Life Coach.

Renar is a member of the Responsible Tourism Initiative Pilot Project team with the City of Cape Town as well as volunteer Committee member of TICE - Travel Industry Charity Event.

Renar is an honoured member of Stanford Who’s Who and was featured in the 2011-2012 edition of the Stanford’s Who’s who Black Book. Inclusion is limited to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership or achievement in their occupation, industry or profession.

Haswell Phiri - Operational assistant


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